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The revolution in yield analysis and forecasting – mobile in the palm of your hand.

CYA is your agricultural yield analysis. Discover the exact relationship between your crop yields and local weather risks. You state which average yields you have had in recent years. This you can do for all your crops. You receive a detailed analysis of when and how much certain weather risks affect your crops. This enables you to optimize your seed, fertiliser and crop protection strategy.

Your benefit

Users receive a detailed analysis of when and to how much certain weather risks affect their crops.

– Individual analysis of yield data with regard to weather risks
– Automatic search for the most suitable weather station
– Determination of weather risks with maximum impact on operating income
– Appealing visualization of the determined weather hazards
– User-specific yield prognosis according to weather risks
– Option of requesting an appointment for professional advice


Yield data collection

– Choice of 22 types of crops
– Registration of area under cultivation in ha and target revenue in EUR
– Option of transmitting yield histories in dt/ha since 1950
– Free choice of business location within Germany
– Any number of data entries can be created

For Android and iOS:

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