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“In the coming age, networks will take the place of markets, and the quest for ownership will become a quest for access, for access to what these networks have to offer.”

Jeremy Rifkin, The Age Of Access: The New Culture of Hypercapitalism, Where All of Life is a Paid-For

Benefit from our first-class partnerships.

We enable you to meet with the right experts, practitioners, scientists and business decision-makers in a targeted manner and according to your ideas.

Through keynote speeches, workshops or panel discussions, we offer optimal opportunities to exchange views on current trends in risk management in agriculture, technology and methodology in agricultural meteorology and crop yield development and corresponding future strategies, thus gaining valuable impulses for daily practice.

We have been working together with ETH Zurich on a project-related basis for years. In a university blog, the authors combine current events and developments with agricultural policy theories, economic principles or their personal experiences and opinions. Click here for the agricultural policy blog


German-Mongolian cooperation project for sustainable agriculture

Participation in the German-Mongolian cooperation project for sustainable agriculture.


German-Kazakh Agricultural Policy Dialogue

Participation in the German-Kazakh Agricultural Policy Dialogue (APD).

The APD aims to promote political and economic cooperation between the German and Kazakh agricultural sectors. It works in close coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Allianz Agrar Competence Center uses CYA XLab

Münchener & Magdeburger Agrar AG, an Allianz company, uses CYA XLab. This makes it possible for the MMAgrar to present and assess earnings risks on a highly individual basis.

For the Alliance’s Agricultural Competence Center, the CYA XLab is the ideal opportunity to expand its portfolio with farm-specific harvest index insurance. The MMAgrar particularly appreciates the simple possibility of mapping weather risks precisely and specifically for each customer and processing them in a way that is suitable for policing.