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Pooling competencies

Networking with specialists creates new opportunities for innovative assurannce and analysis options.

We at CYA GmbH – a company of the gvf group – have made it our goal to provide every farmer with simple analysis tools, especially in the field of risk management. Among other things, we will develop simple smartphone apps that visualize complicated relationships to the farmer in a straightforward manner.

Our name-giving app CYA (Crop Yield Analysis) is the cornerstone for this: It shows farmers individually how much yield of their cultivated plants at their location is dependent on which weather factors. This enables CYA to provide a very accurate, up-to-the-minute crop quantity forecast, which makes pre-harvest sales much easier.

We share our expertise at another level as well: we advise agricultural companies, supra-regional organisations and governments, because: The right tools for future-oriented, sustainable agriculture with safe, predictable results for farmers all over the world!

gvf VersicherungsMakler AG

gvf VersicherungsMakler AG is your specialist when it comes to safeguarding agricultural businesses. Benefit from the extensive knowledge of our employees in all aspects of agriculture.

gruuna GmbH und Co. KG

gruuna – the agricultural market on the Internet - is a subsidiary of gvf VersicherungsMakler AG.

gvf Agrar Direkt Versicherungsvermittlung GmbH

The gvf AGRAR DIREKT was founded in 2011 to broker all types of personal and property insurance contracts.

The Weather Insurance

You can protect yourself comprehensively against loss of income due to the weather with the weather insurance - individually for your agricultural business.